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What makes a bikeable city? Ideas to get Lagos cycling again | FUTURE LAGOS

Lagos could return to the cycling oriented city it once was. A group of experts met-up in early 2016 to discuss why citizens currently don’t cycle, what can be done to change this and to envision a future for Lagos’ transport infrastructure.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Why are our city spaces designed for serial killers?

Sean Dayton questions a disturbing phenomenon in Cape Town: nowhere spaces designed to help serial killers get away with murder.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | How our cities could be safer for women and girls

How can we improve safety in cities for women and girls? We chat to young female urbanists about their ideas.

Why every community needs a Fan Walk

What if every community had a safe route like the Fan Walk in Cape Town’s CBD?

The Skycycle: A Plan for the People?

Julia Thayne considers the latest proposal to enter London’s precarious cycle safety debate: the Skycycle. A multi-million pound plan that lift cycle routes off London’s streets- is this a plan for the people?

Future Smart Reads: 18 Nov 2012

These are the articles, headlines, and ideas which grabbed our attention this week.

Cape Town’s BMT bicycle deathtrap

The new bus and public transport lanes give priority to buses and taxis in peaks hours but what about the cyclists?

A joint request for safer cycling in Cape Town

A joint request for safer cycling in Cape Town on the tragic death of a cyclist in Kalk Bay.

High Street Mfuleni

Design concept for the introduction of a High Street in the community of Mfuleni, in response to the Western Cape Government’s High Street Model.

City Space: A team visit to the Hangberg Playground

One evening in February a few members of our Future Cape Town team visited the playground in Hangberg, Hout Bay. Driving up into Hangberg it is clear that the community is poor. The houses are small and makeshift structures nestle between more formalised houses. There are shops that operate out of crates. Much like the […]