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Sanitation Solutions: Interview with David Auerbach

The New Cities Summit kicks off in Dallas today and our Director, Rashiq Fataar, sits down with the co-founder of Sanergy, David Auerbach, to discuss solutions to sanitation challenges in Africa.

Building the City of the Future, Today, in the Developing World

In Nairobi, 75% of the population lives on 5% of the land – these are the informal settlements, which lack basic services and security. Read how Sanergy is addressing these important issues in Africa.

Finding Safety at a Public Bathroom in Nairobi’s Kibera Slum

Following this week’s commentary on sanitation solutions for Cape Town. PRI’s The World gives us a look at a group of women in Nairobi who have collaborated to offer their community a clean and safe public bathroom.

Part 2: An innovative approach to sanitation in Cape Town?

Part 2 of ‘An innovative approach to sanitation in Cape Town?’ Can appropriate solutions for sanitation for marginalized communities in Cape Town be found?

Part 1: An innovative approach to sanitation in Cape Town?

According to engineer Richard Palmer, the difficulty in Cape Town is not in providing flush toilets in slums. The difficulty is in connecting those toilets to the water, sewer and treatment plant infrastructure that make them work. He shares his thoughts, and an innovative way forward for the city to tackle sanitation, through studies, business plans and a more systems approach.

Housing in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Challenge or Opportunity?

How can Government come to the table to drive new and sustainable change for all human settlements, and people. Vuyisa Qabaka explores the possibilities.

In cities, millions still have no access to toilets

Did you know that 660 million Indians have no access to sanitary facilities for relieving themselves? A staggering 2.5 billion people worldwide have to cope with this, while 1.1 billion are forced to practice open defecation.

Future Smart Reads, 26 August 2012

Future Smart Reads, a weekly installment of articles that have grabbed our attention, from cities across the world. This week brings you toilets that may save the world, a simple bicycle lane experiment and cities built without a single freeway.

Video-infographic: How can water & santitation change Africa?

How can Water & Sanitation change Africa?
Presented by the Institute for Security Studies and the Pardee Center for International Futures. Read the full publication at the Institute for Security Studies website. Publication: African Futures Policy Brief No 1 – Taps and Toilets
Produced by Cape Town based film production company, Echo Ledge Productions, who are based […]