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Redefining the Smart City

Julia Thayne considers the possibilities and pitfalls of the ‘smart city’ concept and considers the impact of the data-ification of our cities.


What is a smart city?

So what is a smart city? Here are several interviews with delegates at The Urban Age conference which challenge the notion of a Smart City. “If smart cities are the answer, then what is the question?”


Future Smart Reads 29 July, 2012

Future Smart Reads, a weekly installment of articles that have grabbed our attention, from cities across the world. This week includes a variety of Olympic-themed reads, as well as reports from Cape Town, Paris and Barcelona.


Smart Cities – Swedish solutions to Cape Town’s challenges?

Guest writer Stian Karlsen recently attended the Smart City Development Workshop co-hosted by the Swedish Trade Council and the City of Cape Town.


What are the missing pieces of the urban puzzle in Cities?

by Richard Palmer
The start of 2012 in Cape Town has seen a huge focus on urban and design issues; Design Indaba, Future Cape Town, the Cape Town Partnership, Modila Trust, Portside, 22 on Bree, Convention Centre Phase II and the City of Cape Town tenders for urban renewal nodes in Kapteinsklip and Athlone Power Station […]