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Wescape: Why build a new city for 800, 000 people more than 40km away from Cape Town? | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

The City of Cape Town has approved the moving of the urban edge to accommodate the creation of a new city 20 kilometres from Cape Town up the west coast – we explore some of the pressing issues around this development.

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Voices of the city: Johnny Miller | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

This week we meet Cape Town photographer Johnny Miller, who has a keen sense of observing the world around him, and in his own words, isn’t afraid of much.

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African cities and the future of public spaces : Why our thinking must shift | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

We look back at the event on African cities and their public spaces, as part of the ‘Future of Public Space’ event series.


Quantifying racial segregation in Cape Town

An authoritative and simple set of scrollable maps shows what real life tells us using the 2011 Census


The Cities This Week: Edition 28

News and views from cities around the world this week.

Maputo harbour, Source: Julien Lagarde via Wikimedia Common

The Cities This Week: Edition 13

News and views from cities around the world this week.