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Rio Highway Demolish

How to demolish a highway and open a port

WATCH: In 8 seconds, 300 meters of Elevated Perimeter Highway was imploded in Rio De Janeiro. Also learn about the major transformation and integration of the Rio Port area kickstarted by the Olympic Games.

Curitiba Bus Stop

What do BRT station designs say about cities?

This month, Rouen Smit takes us on a BRT World Tour of station designs from every continent. Part 1 – South America

Designing Cities | Parts 1 to 5

Part 1: Continuing to build housing along apartheid settlement lines will cost public purse R20 billion : The Sowetan
Part 2: Problems of Cape Town’s outlying townships demand strategies to densify the centre : Andrew Fleming, Cape Town Partnership
Part 3: Cities should plan for densification – Thought from South America : Alistair Mackay, Future Cape Town
Part 4: Lord Rogers : […]