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Can markets make for a better future Cape Town?

In Cape Town, markets have grown in popularity in a very short time. From the days of the old car boot sale at Milnerton, to weekly food markets at municipal halls; we’ve now progressed to see a wide variety of different markets. But how can more markets bring Capetonians together as part of their everyday life, and is it something they wish to have?


Olympic Cities: Urbanisation and Basketball Success

What is the link between urbanisation rates and basketball success? All competitive national teams have seen positive urbanization rates in the last four decades, with at least 60% of people living in cities in each nation. Theodore Brown of This Big City investigates.

Zaragoza Train station

#TransportMonth from Zaragoza: Spain’s beautiful trains and stations

Spain really has the most beautiful and punctual train system in Europe (I almost said the World). I think I am allowed to say this as I spent a proper month and a half in Europe, from Ireland, to as far as Poland. Not only are the trains fast, modern and more comfortable than an […]