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Design by activism: How we can use our public spaces to create change | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

We look back on our the event on the role and impact of activism in the shaping of the future of public spaces in South Africa.

Walking the walk of reforming South Africa’s cities : Interview with Barbara Soutworth | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

Urban designer and planner Barbara Southworth asserts the virtue of integrated planning that puts people first in remaking cities.

Why privatising public land in Cape Town needs a rethink | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

[ April 26, 2016; 10:00 am; ] A number of City and provincial-owned properties close to the economic opportunities of the central city have recently been earmarked for sale. This sparked renewed discussions on the privatisation of public land. Sean Dayton explores the reasons why this is such an important issue.

Cape Town Spatial Development Framework is a positive step into Cape Town’s future

Future Cape Town welcomes the Cape Town Spatial Development Framework (SDF), which alight this week after a detailed six-year long process. The framework will go some distance to manage our city’s future spatial growth and development. Alongside the Provincial Spatial Development Framework (PSDF), it enjoys the highest legal status in terms of spatial planning applicable to the municipal area.

A new airport for Cape Town in 2040?

As part of the public comment process for the Cape Town Spatial Development Framework (SDF), various organizations, individuals etc. were invited to comment on the documents relating to this framework. According to the City of Cape Town, an SDF “is a useful and effective tool with which to manage and monitor growth and development in […]