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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | How a building can communicate the spatial and social violence in South Africa

A young architect confronts the social and spatial inequality that still plagues the city by proposing an evocative experience through design of the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation.


The ‘African City of the Future’ : Johannesburg’s 2040 vision

Joburg 2040 is a blueprint for the city that responds to the continued transformation of the inherited Apartheid City, the uncertainties of present and future challenges such as migration, globalisation, climate change, natural resource scarcity, and financial markets.


Cape Town has ideas for the Cape Flats

What are some of the key ideas that could shape the future of the Cape Flats over the coming decades?

How Cape Town aims to plan for the future – Belinda Walker – World Town Planning Day

In her opening address at the World Town Planning Day seminar, Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial, Economic and Environmental Planning, Alderman Belinda Walker says, we are planning for the future in a time of uncertainty about climate change, an unpredictable world economic future, energy and resource scarcities and rapidly changing technology.

The City of Cape […]

The hyphotetical South African City

The South African Financial and Fiscal Commission (FFC), has developed a ‘hypothetical’ South African city based on the major characteristics shared by South African cities.