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WATCH: How African cities have grown over 200 years

Watch how some of Africa’s largest and most important cities have grown in the last 150 to 200 years in just over 30 seconds. Recognise anything interesting in how your city has grown?

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Future of Cape Town officially compromised: Is Wescape a band-aid solution?

Recently, the future of Cape Town was officially compromised when the seemingly concrete decision of resisting urban sprawl by retaining the integrity of Cape Town’s urban edge was reversed by Anton Bredell, Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning. The edge of Cape Town has now officially been pushed out to encompass lands on the Cape Farms area.


Vote: The Wescape Development

The controversial Wescape development has move one step closer as amendments to the urban edge are approved. Vote in our poll.


Design alone, cannot save the city

Design cannot save the city. The words of Edgar Pieterse on Day 1 of the Designing Democracy Seminar. Pieterse was joined by Sithole Mbanga, CEO of the SA Cities Network, who spoke on the policy space surrounding the transformation of South African cities and Aditya Kumar, Regional Technical Coordinator of Slum Dwellers International (SDI) who presented on community involvement in the rollout of services.

Future Cape Town urges a firm stand and leadership against urban sprawl

On the 2nd of May 2013, Future Cape Town hosted its first Summit on the topic of Urban Sprawl in Cape Town. This mid-morning session took place at the at the Protea Breakwater Lodge Hotel, and hosted a small gathering of local government officials, urban developers and planners, as well as academics. The aim of the Summit, in light of recent developments in the city, was to create a forum to discuss the contentious issue of urban sprawl, and formulate a way to facilitate sustainable spatial urban growth in the City.

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Watch: 129 years of Cape Town in 30 seconds

How has Cape Town developed and grown over 129 years and could this be captured in photography? Watch this time lapse created by Paul Bruins and see for yourself.

The City (1939)

The Rise and Fall of Suburbia

By pure chance, I came across two films that show the rise and fall of the suburban American Dream. The first of the two, The City (1939), is propaganda-like. It sells the idea of the suburban city, what it calls “a new kind of city”. Around that time, when cities were industrial, dirty, overcrowded, and […]

Besides being as wide as the N2, Helen Suzman Boulevard has a speed limit of 60kph. Can we really blame drivers for driving closer to 100kph?

Do our roads promote reckless driving?

If our streets and roads are designed as wide, multi-lane race tracks, who is really at fault for speeding and reckless driving?


Future Smart Reads, 30 Sept 2012

From Detroit to Cape Town, here are the articles and ideas which grabbed our attention in the past 2 weeks.