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Newlands Cricket Stadium site to receive R450 million mixed-use development

Newlands Cricket Stadium will receive a R450 million mixed-use development as part of a plan to make the site more commercially sustainable.

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Our cities as spaces for celebration and ceremony

Photojournalist Ashraf Hendricks captures Cape Town in the midst of celebration and ceremony. His fantastical snaps presents the real city, in an almost imaginary fashion.

Glasgow adds elevated athletics track to football stadium

Glasgow revealed the city’s spectacular new world-class athletics arena following the stunning transformation of Hampden Park.

Brazil’s World Cup Stadia: Go inside

With the Brazil World Cup 2014 just days a way, the excitement is building. Here’s a look inside the stadia.

In Photos: Green Point Athletics Stadium

In Photos: Green Point Athletics Stadium with its blue track is almost complete.

A truly multi-purpose stadium?

How can we re-imagine the true extent of the term “multi-purpose” for a modern day stadium?

Much ado about Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre?

With a recent 8 day sold out concert and a major sports team as a tenant, what is point of all the noise against New York’s new Barclay Centre ?

Rethinking Urban Stadium Designs

The bulk of our built environment is made of places to live, work, and shop, so the stadium is a uniquely modern phenomenon. As sites of major events for short periods of time, many stadia become white elephants, destined to stand as reminders of past visions of grandeur. That needs to change. This Big City’s Adam Nowek considers.

Games / Place : What is the point of hosting the Olympic Games?

Joe Weissman travels to London, and finds himself wondering that the point of the Olympic Games is to begin with.

Views on Cape Town’s future belong to all who live in it – and love it.

Future Cape Town is delighted that our view on the future of the Green Point Athletics Stadium have attracted attention from the publicly appointed architect for the project.