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6 future visions for the Fringe

A few months ago as a part of its Design Can Do workshop, our friends over at The Fringe hosted a forum for 36 designers to work for 36 hours to come up with “ideas to promote social cohesion through non-motorised transport” by transforming the streets and space of Cape Town’s emerging creative district.


10 design ideas for the future of Harrington Square

Next week will see the exciting design proposals for Harrington Square as visualised by ten talented individuals. Under the astute guidance of Adam Lee Casey, these honours graduates at the UCT School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics produced a diverse and imaginative set of proposals for a site begging for integration into the city. The proposals have been artfully composed into a book, of which you shall learn more in the coming week.

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Future Cape Town Exhibition: Pop into the future review

On 3 January 2013, Future Cape Town held a pilot exhibition showcasing ideas for cities and hoping to inspire more by the more than 100 attendees. This post summarises the items that were showcased at the exhibition.


Cape Town calls for proposals for a “Design Park”

Cape Town seeks proposals for a Design Park in the heart of The Fringe District.

Your City Idea: Giving citizens a voice on urban issues

[ May 17, 2012 to May 19, 2012. ] Future Cape Town in partnership with exhibition structure specialists HOTT 3 Dimensional Marketing will unveil a public installation in the form of a megasized ballot box entitled Your City Idea, on 17 May 2012 at Cape Town’s new ideas district, The Fringe.

Changing face of #mycapetown | Part 2 | The Alley: Urban Facade Intervention | #TheFringe #cw2011

Fences are a barrier between those or what is inside, and the people or things that are on the outside. Instead of a blockade, they can be an interface.
The event, which took place during Creative Week Cape Town, aimed to improve and beautify a space in Harrington street between the BANK and the CCDI – […]

Ideas for Harrington Square | Part 1 | CPUT & Vega

Developed by students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the Vega School of Branding, The Stitch Initiative promotes social and economic development in the emerging Fringe District in Cape Town, South Africa.
By David Robertson, Graeme Cuthbert, Amy Bassett, Laura Shabason, Marcell Bester, Ninette Minnaar & Mariken van Vuuren.