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#TheFringe: A crushing idea for Harrington Square.

When we asked the Future Cape Town team to come up with ideas for the improvement of Harrington Square, we didn’t quite expect this. In hindsight, a car crushing and melting machine makes complete sense and would get rid of the cars. Quite important when aiming to create a public space. The melting of cars […]

Ideas for Harrington Square: Inspiration Box

Changing face of #mycapetown | Part 2 | The Alley: Urban Facade Intervention | #TheFringe #cw2011

Fences are a barrier between those or what is inside, and the people or things that are on the outside. Instead of a blockade, they can be an interface.
The event, which took place during Creative Week Cape Town, aimed to improve and beautify a space in Harrington street between the BANK and the CCDI – […]

Changing face of #mycapetown | Part 1 | Graffiti walk-and-talk-about #cw2011

by Marwaan Sasman (twitter: @MrPigeonPie )
Graffiti has a very deep history in Cape Town, from past political pieces to today’s uplifting murals. The Mak1one graffiti tour during Creative Week moved all the way from the historical to the present.
Mak1one opened with a talk on the history and origins of graffiti and a short demonstration before […]

Ideas for Harrington Square | Part 1 | CPUT & Vega

Developed by students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the Vega School of Branding, The Stitch Initiative promotes social and economic development in the emerging Fringe District in Cape Town, South Africa.
By David Robertson, Graeme Cuthbert, Amy Bassett, Laura Shabason, Marcell Bester, Ninette Minnaar & Mariken van Vuuren.

Cape Town: The Alley – Urban Art Intervention in #TheFringe #cw2011 (Taken with instagram)

Cape Town: The Alley – Urban Art Intervention in #TheFringe #cw2011 (Taken with instagram)