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Jamestown High Street_Chale Wote (Victoria Okoye)

FUTURE CAPE TOWN | From Accra to Cape Town: A conversation with urbanist Victoria Okoye

Rashiq Fataar speaks with Victoria Okoye, the creator of African Urbanism, on the themes that connect her home city Accra and Cape Town.


Bold City: A Bold Vision for Langa

Bold Idea: The Langa Quarter aims to empower the residents of Langa through the creation of a sustainable tourist destination in the community. This is a bold idea because of the negative perceptions surrounding townships in South Africa that must be overcome for the project to succeed, and the much needed community buy in needed for this project to be successful.

Designing Cities | Parts 1 to 5

Part 1: Continuing to build housing along apartheid settlement lines will cost public purse R20 billion : The Sowetan
Part 2: Problems of Cape Town’s outlying townships demand strategies to densify the centre : Andrew Fleming, Cape Town Partnership
Part 3: Cities should plan for densification – Thought from South America : Alistair Mackay, Future Cape Town
Part 4: Lord Rogers : […]

Problems of Cape Town’s outlying townships demand strategies to densify the centre

by Andrew Fleming
While Cape Town’s social and economic development policies are focused on solving the problems of its dense peripheral regions, a better strategy is to increase residential densities in the inner suburbs to give more low-income residents a chance to benefit from the employment opportunities and services they provide.

A map of Cape Town’s population […]