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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Thinking about the future of Langa train station

Mixed-use development around train stations has the potential to improve safety and bring economic opportunities closer to people. But are we including informal traders? Catherine Luyt adds her thoughts to the Langa Station precinct.

The Lagos Tour: How easy is it to walk around Lagos?

‘The Lagos Tour’ is a monthly feature from Future Lagos that will explore Lagos using photography. This month we examined the ease of pedestrian movement in Lagos.

WATCH: Portland, a Global Model of Transit-Oriented Development

Portland, the largest city in Oregon with over 600, 000 inhabitants has become a global model of transit-oriented development (TOD). A key element of TOD is the human scale – creating streets that are not only auto-friendly but also amenable to cycling and walking.

Celebrating the Old Lady of Transit: London’s Year of the Bus

Often the overlooked piece of the transit puzzle, London declares 2014 the Year of the Bus.

Transforming Cities with Transit: Our next #citytalk

[ June 19, 2013; 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Transform Kansas City is an initiative which aims to encourage discussion about the opportunities of rail transit and facilitate input in the development of a more sustainable built environment. One way they are achieving this is through a call for ideas, asking people to submit their ideas for how rail transit can be used to change the city for the better. Inspired by this project, we’ve decided to host our next #citytalk tweetchat on the topic of ‘transforming cities with transit’.

Creating a public transport culture. How?

In many developed countries, particularly in the United States, transit agencies struggle to boost ridership Is there a secret ingredient or are there more forces at play?