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Cape Town Rail Map

Have Metrorail really improved by 30 ways in 30 weeks?

We asked a number of actual Metrorail commuters to provide us feedback on the apparent 30 improvements made by Metrorail in 30 Days.


Future Smart Reads, 30 Sept 2012

From Detroit to Cape Town, here are the articles and ideas which grabbed our attention in the past 2 weeks.

Traffic Congestion

Future Smart Reads, 12 Aug 2012

Future Smart Reads, a weekly installment of articles that have grabbed our attention, from cities across the world. This week we only bring you three interesting links looking at Kenya’s Olympics bid, Gauteng’s public transport plan and a nice video on private vehicle usage.

Beijing Enforces A Traffic Ban Based On The Parity Of Licence Plate Numbers

Priority public transport lanes for Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs

Cape Town is getting another bus lane – this time not a MyCiTi bus lane, but a BMT lane reserved for public transport vehicles during peak commuting times.. Rouen Smit, Head of Mobility, spoke with Mayco member for Transport, Brett Herron about these lanes.

Mobility: The other side of BRT in Bogota

More than a decade after its inception, Bogotá’s pioneering TransMilenio BRT system carries 1.6 million passengers every weekday. Its many successes, such as reducing pollution, improving safety and reducing travel time for Bogotanos, may be familiar to regular readers of TheCityFix.  However, TransMilenio has not been a complete solution for public transportation in Bogotá. […]