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Nelson Mandela Bridge, Johannesburg.

Tackling the transport challenge: Beyond investment in mass transport systems

The emphasis during transport month always seems to focus on encouraging people to get out of their cars and into public transport. This year let’s shift the conversation slightly, towards understanding the role that transport plays in the lives of people who already use public transport and how we can create prosperous transit-oriented lifestyles more generally.

A subway station in Downtown Manhattan is closed to the public after Hurricane Sandy caused severe flooding and damage to a large part of the city's transit system.

Hurricane Sandy has more New Yorkers biking

Hurricane #Sandy has New Yorkers biking. But for how long?


More than a bus ride?

Beyond stations, buses and turnstiles, public transport is a promise of a service to people, and as such demands that this promise is not forgotten.

Launch of Main Road BMT Lane Enforcement

[ October 24, 2012; ] The official launch of the priority public transport bus lanes in the Southern Suburbs.

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A visualization of 5 million bicycle journeys in London

What do 5 million bicycle journeys in London look like?


30 ways Metrorail has improved over 30 weeks

Has the rail operator started to turn the tide on poor and unreliable service and infrastructure?


Sao Paulo: A city with 180km traffic jams

The BBC reports on the South American city with 180km of traffic jams, Sao Paulo.

Cape Town opens Promenade to cyclists, skateboarders and rollerbalders

Cape Town opens the Promenade to cyclists, skateboarders and rollerbalders for one month.

#TransportMonth: Part 2 of Czech Saga

Continued: Robert Bowen’s e-mail to his Dad from his time traveling in Europe
I was on this train and had to change at this place uzii – something. After a while I arrived at another rural rundown once communistically grand station. I saw an information sign and went to ask what to do next, some […]

#TransportMonth: Czech Saga (Part 1)

by Robert Bowen
A few notes to my dad that explains my travel challenges as a South African
Hey Dad
You might be wondering why you recently bought an EasyJet ticket, here’s why.
We arrived at the German border and handed in our passports. About half an hour later I was called to the front of the […]