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Cape Town Rail Map

Have Metrorail really improved by 30 ways in 30 weeks?

We asked a number of actual Metrorail commuters to provide us feedback on the apparent 30 improvements made by Metrorail in 30 Days.


Thoughts on Rio de Janeiro’s public transport system

Thoughts on Rio’s public transportation offering by our Carioca contributor. An offering of moving around, as diverse as the city and people in it.


Cape Town’s BMT bicycle deathtrap

The new bus and public transport lanes give priority to buses and taxis in peaks hours but what about the cyclists?

A joint request for safer cycling in Cape Town

A joint request for safer cycling in Cape Town on the tragic death of a cyclist in Kalk Bay.

Victoria Road, Grassy Park

Open Streets: A small start to something big

Gareth reviews this past Sunday’s Open Streets in Grassy Park.


More than a bus ride?

Beyond stations, buses and turnstiles, public transport is a promise of a service to people, and as such demands that this promise is not forgotten.

Incomplete Freeway Foreshore

Finishing the Foreshore Freeways?

Will the partnership between the City of Cape Town and the University of Cape Town truly address the concerns around the future of the Foreshore Freeways?


How Cities Move

[ October 30, 2012; 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] How might we move around urban areas in future? With more people moving to cities, and resources under pressure, cities will have to make smarter decisions.


Express bus service coming to Khayelitsha, Mitchell’s Plain by 2014

We look at the city’s plans to introduce an Express MyCiTi bus service to the Metro South East by December 2013.


Transport for Cape Town: A new era for South Africa

A review of the launch of Cape Town’s new Transport Authority, Transport for Cape Town which took place yesterday at Cape Town’s City Hall.