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Free myconneCT Cards For Limited Period

For a limited period, the City of Cape Town is offering the public free myconneCT cards to use the MyCiTi bus service. Get yours today!


WATCH: New York’s streets? Not so mean any more

Hanette Sadik-Khan, transportation commissioner of New York City, shares projects that have reshaped street life in the 5 boroughs.


Transport That Binds And Divides

“The tragic irony of transport in South Africa is that the infrastructure that is meant to unite was used to divide”. Andres de Wet consider the divisive legacy of transport in Cape Town, and why progress remains ‘pocketed’

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Commuting Places as Community Spaces

Rising from the dark, underground world of transport stations, how can a sense of place, community and identity be instilled in the spaces that matter the most in everday life. Andres Torres reflects on London, and the ways in it is getting it wrong and right.


16 of the Best Transport Infographics on the Web

Infographics lay out data and information in a way that makes it easy to learn and understand. This is an essential element to improving the forces of conversation around sustainable transport globally.

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The State of Transport in Cape Town: an interview with Brett Herron

Editor, Rashiq Fataar interviews Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport in Cape Town to get a grip on the state of transport in Cape Town and the future ambitions of South Africa’s second largest city.

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WATCH: Visualising how cities move

4 visualisations of how our cities move and how the networks and infrastructure can shed light on the current and future development of a city.


Buses every 10 minutes on new MyCiTi bus routes

The timetables for the new MyCiTi routes being launched on 2 Nov and 30 Nov 2013 have been announced ranging from a frequent every 10mins to a very slow every 40 mins.

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Cycling in City: Kelley Kim in California

Cycling in the City is a special Transport Month 2013 feature interviewing cyclists about their experiences as a cyclist in different communities and cities.


Fixing transport in cities

The review of our previous #CityTalk with some of your best ideas for fixing transport in cities.