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FUTURE LAGOS | How African cities are tackling climate change: News from COP21

African cities are making significant progress tackling climate change. Kasope Aleshinloye reports from COP21 in Paris.

What are Liveable Cities?

How do we define Liveability and Liveable Cities? A presentation by Rashiq Fataar in Pretoria earlier this year.

Pretoria’s BRT System: How will it work?

Pretoria’s new BRT system is in planning, and this video covers some of the main features.

Children draw their visions for Future Cities

What do children see in their future cities? Grade 5 pupils at a Primary School in Pretoria share their ideas.

Future Smart Reads 15 July, 2012

Future Smart Reads, a weekly installment of articles that have grabbed our attention, from cities across the world.