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Creating rules for great cities : Will UN Habitat III bind cities to take action | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

Habitat III will introduce a document called the New Urban Agenda that’ll effectively guide the future of urbanisation policy for all UN member states. Cris Robertson explores this agenda revealing that although its content bay be groundbreaking, it is not legally binding. Begging one to question how much action will governments take if there are no consequences if they don’t.

Will youth voices be heard on global Climate Change and Energy issues?

How can we continue to discuss the world’s energy and climate future without meaningfully engaging the generation of people who will be affected most by it?

Future of Energy: Building a sustainable future – unlocking the energy challenge

[ December 6, 2012; 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. ] Can we start building a sustainable future without unlocking the energy challenge? Join Harvard Business Review for an interactive webinar, broadcast live from Doha, in partnership with the Future Influencers community.