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FUTURE CAPE TOWN | Why young urbanists made their own city plan for Helsinki

Rashiq Fataar speaks to Timo Hämäläinen, a planning activist and urban blogger in Helsinki, Finland.

photo credit @justleke

FUTURE LAGOS | The Lagos Tour: Roundabouts, Bridges, and Bottlenecks

‘The Lagos Tour’ is a monthly feature from Future Lagos that explores the city using photography and this month we have looked at mobility between Lekki Peninsula and other parts of Lagos.

Serious games

Real-life development through serious gaming

Marcus Vlaar, creative director of Ranj Serious Games, wrapped up our Serious Games session. He explained that the use of gaming is in one’s ability to arrive at new solutions (but also to reveal new problems) that one may not have arrived at from more traditional methods of thinking. The objective of serious games is […]


Can Cape Town’s apartheid structure be undone?

How are Cape Town’s most urgent urban planning challenges being addressed by World Design Capital 2014?

Floating Community Design by NLÉ
Image from thecreatorsproject.vice.com

Designing African Cities: Urban Planning Education In Nigeria

An Urban Renewal Master Plan for each of the 9 selected cities in Osun State. The Governor emphasized and re-emphasized that the type of plans he anticipated for each of these cities are not the types and models of New York, Washington, London or any other Euro-American cities. The plans were to reflect African cities realities and thus have relevance for the lives of the residents of these cities.


Urban farms in Lagos – a feasible proposal?

Urban farming is a great idea. It is one way to address with land, agriculture and food security, but how can it be implemented in a city like Lagos. Tolu Ogulesi starts to look at solutions to this predicament.


WATCH: China’s Empty Cities

Why are so many uninhabited cities still being built in China? Dateline returns to update one of its most watched stories, China’s Ghost Cities, to find out.

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World Design Capital 2014: A Dutch view on Cape Town

Cape Town is a good test case for ‘design’ to prove its relevance to social, cultural and economic development says Ekim Tian of Play the City.

Future Cape Town Urban Design Policy Workshop Proceedings

On the 11th of May 2013, Future Cape Town co-hosted a discussion along with the Cape Town Institute for Architecture on the newly released for commentary Cape Town Urban Design Policy. This afternoon session took place at the offices for the Cape Town Institute for Architecture and included urban design and architecture professionals from local government, planning, development and architecture organizations, as well as researchers from Future Cape Town.


Re-thinking a new Athens city centre

Re-thinking the city centre of Athens. The Onassis Foundation organized and funded a European Architectural Competition for the creation of a new city centre, a project centered around Panepistimiou Street.