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Five Fantastic Ideas for Public Furniture

In the search for public furniture there is great deal to be considered; cities need to consider the socio-economic history of an area as well as the surrounding community’s hopes for the area’s future. The ability of great public furniture to inspire innovation and pride can uplift a community and revitalise public spaces. A spirit undeniably embodies in these five fantastic ideas for public furniture.

Temporary is the new permanent! Transforming an isolated, dingy alleyway.

Temporary as the new permanent is a new way of thinking about urban space currently sweeping the globe.  The concept that temporary interventions can change cities in positive ways, drives the SPAZA urban innovation festival concept.  It functions as an organising theme for this festival planned for the year Cape Town is World Design Capital 2014.  Over the next two years a […]

12 of 17: Taking the green highground in New York.

Green space in cities is vital for environmental sustainability. But converting unused urban areas into green space can not only bring environmental benefits, it can also encourage social interaction and an improved sense of place, as team member Mayra Hartmann explores in this, our 12th article in our series of 17 Sustainable Ideas for COP17.