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Manenberg Urban Transformation: “Historic plans” unveiled

The “Historic Plans” for Manenberg; a community action plan and a public investment framework; have been announced.

From township to town : Why plans for Cape Town’s Metro South East could improve city life for millions | FUTURE CAPE TOWN

South African cities can no longer afford isolated and disengaged interventions. How will the investments in the Metro South East build a greater town to township link and improve city life for millions in Cape Town.

VPUU spaces for Manenberg, Hanover Park & Lotus Park

I am also satisfied with the status of the special projects I identified when I was inaugurated. The additional funding I allocated to the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) programme, which is generously funded by international donors, amongst others, is helping its roll-out. Having had great successes in Khayeltisha, it […]