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Antoine Faye presenting Dakar's Integrated Climate Plan (PCTI) at the Cities & Regions Pavilio at COP21

FUTURE LAGOS | How African cities are tackling climate change: News from COP21

African cities are making significant progress tackling climate change. Kasope Aleshinloye reports from COP21 in Paris.

Smoke rises from the waste heap at a saw-mill at a lagoon near the Makoko Riverine Slum in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos September 15, 2009. REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye (NIGERIA ENVIRONMENT EMPLOYMENT BUSINESS)

FUTURE LAGOS | 5 ideas to tackle pollution in Africa’s largest city

Pollution is not limited to Nigerian cities, but is a global- scale problem. However, with the right policies, planning and action Nigeria has the ability to leapfrog and curb environmental and human degradation if implementation starts now.


FUTURE LAGOS | Lagos in the News – September 2015

These are the current news headlines coming out of Lagos

A Wecycler in Action
Image: Wecylers

Bottom-up + Top-down Support = People Centred Urban Solutions

Top-down actors enabling bottom-up, community practice in urban planning and infrastructure development: the Lagos case study