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Future Cape Town Urban Design Policy Workshop Proceedings

On the 11th of May 2013, Future Cape Town co-hosted a discussion along with the Cape Town Institute for Architecture on the newly released for commentary Cape Town Urban Design Policy. This afternoon session took place at the offices for the Cape Town Institute for Architecture and included urban design and architecture professionals from local government, planning, development and architecture organizations, as well as researchers from Future Cape Town.

Record of Decision, Commercialisation and the Cape Town Stadium

The existing Stadium Uses permitted in terms of the ROD and Zoning Scheme (LUPO) approvals limit any form of commercialisation, specifically not allowing for stand-alone commercial and retail outlets, commercial parking and hiring out of commercial office space to Third Parties.


Stadium Precinct Zoning Review: A Welcome Decision

Our Editor, Rashiq Fataar, shares why the rezoning of Cape Town Stadium should be welcomed.

11 of 17: Making the case for Sustainable Zoning in New York. Could Cape Town follow?

Making cities more sustainable is vital if COP17′s goal of tackling climate change is to be achieved. In our 11th article in a series of 17 Sustainable Ideas for COP17 , Claudia Huerta looks at how the zoning of cities can be used to promote more sustainable environments, as well as exploring potential drawbacks. 

 In […]

Green Point Elevated Circle Drawing

How do we activate the space under the Green Point Elevated Circle?

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A waste of space?

View from above?

More lighting needed?

Dark and dead?

Used as parking during the Argus

Police on horse

ACTIVATING DEAD & DARK SPACE: How do we activate the space under the Green Point Elevated Circle so […]